Progressive Games and Progressive Jackpots types

Progressive jackpots, also known as bonus slots or mystery prizes, allow players to win big sums of cash without having to play through each spin of a slot machine. Online casinos offer several types of progressive jackpot games:


Multi-line progressive 

Multi-line progressive jackpots are offered on specific machines. For example, “Cashino” is an online casino game featuring a multi-line progressive jackpot that can be won when any combination of nine Cashino symbols appears anywhere on this spinning wheel.

Single line progressive jackpots 

Single-line progressive jackpots are often found at large land-based casinos. These are regular single-line progressives with more frequent payouts and higher maximum prize amounts.

Mega Jackpots 

Mega Jackpots are very rare but have been known to appear in some online casinos. These are usually available on multiple lines and may hold millions of dollars worth of money for their winners. The biggest ever recorded was $26 million which appeared during a 2006 promotion at an Australian gaming site.

Progressive video poker

Progressive video poker games are played via a computerized interface and they resemble traditional video poker except that there are no reels and the payout schedule is random rather than fixed. There are many variations of progressive video poker including multi-hand tournaments. In online video poker games, players wager against the house and the highest paying hand(s) wins. All of the winning hands are paid out according to their final rank; typically from high to low-value card combinations such as suited Aces, Kings, Queens, etc.

Progressive blackjack

Progressive Blackjack games are played using a virtual deck of cards. Each spin of the game uses a different random shuffle of cards to create a new series of outcomes. Each time a blackjack occurs, the dealer’s hand is compared to the player’s hand and if either one comes out ahead the winner receives his or her stake back plus the difference between the two hands. If the same player has both hands winning then he or she gets double the amount of the original bet. This type of progressive jackpot game is common in European sites.

Progressive Roulette

 Progressive Roulette games are similar to standard roulette games except for the odds of winning are determined randomly instead of being pre-determined like on a mechanical roulette wheel.


Progressive Craps games use dice instead of numbered balls to determine the results. The first roll determines whether or not the shooter will take part in the game. Once the shooter takes part, he rolls again and this time the outcome triggers the bonus round. In most cases, the only way to win in the bonus round is to roll the dice until a particular number sequence appears.

Progressive Scratch games

 Progressive Scratch Games allow the player to scratch off layers of material to reveal hidden artwork underneath. Typically, the goal is to uncover a symbol that matches the picture shown in the center of the screen. For example, in one version of the game, the player uses a small paintbrush to remove paint from a canvas laid over the image. When the brush hits the correct spot, the painting reveals a matching object such as a car, a boat, or a building. The player can keep removing paint and the game continues until a match is made.

Progressive Bingo

Progressive Bingo games also require a minimum number of points before any prizes are awarded. Unlike bingo games played with numbers, however, the point values assigned to each square are determined randomly.

Progressive Keno

Progressive Keno games use paper tickets that contain numbers arranged in columns and rows. At the beginning of a session, the player picks a keno ticket from a box containing numerous tickets. After picking a ticket, the player selects an option to play for a specific prize (high/low), select all or none of the selected numbers, or play the entire line of numbers. The player is given the choice of playing single numbers or groups of numbers typically sets of five numbers per group. As the game proceeds, more and more numbers are drawn from the pool of remaining possible numbers. Tickets progress through the various stages of the game until it reaches their conclusion which could be after several hours have passed. Prizes are awarded based on predetermined payouts for certain numbers appearing across multiple tickets. 

Bonus slots

Bonus Slots are games where winning combinations are triggered by hitting certain special symbols or triggering events. A typical bonus round will set you up against three other players competing for a prize pool. Some of these bonus rounds include a free games feature (i.e., the player is given additional chances to win), a multiplier feature (i.e. winning pays more than normal), and/or an extra spin feature (i.e. giving the player the ability to play a second spin after all wins).



Progressive casino games are very popular among players because they increase the excitement of gaming by adding additional prizes to the top of the stacked prize structure. Progressive games offer the possibility of big wins over many spins that traditional slot machines cannot provide.